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We hope you find these heartfelt testimonials beneficial.  We hope you share the same experiences as the many patients below.

"Playing more with my kids"

"I was suffering with shoulder blade and lower back pain that was interfering with playing with my kids and exercising.  Since starting treatment I am able to be more active with my kids.  My experience was a positive one, I love my chiro visits, and I love my doctors!"

Shawn T., Grafton 11/28/2012

"Back on the Tennis court"

"While playing tennis, I felt a pain in my back, just below the "back rib cage."  When I felt the pain for the next 2 days, I cancelled by next tennis session and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Mike.  After 3 sessions with him, which included adjustments and minor therapies, I was a new man or should I say a new tennis player!"

Dennis G., Bayside 02/14/2014


"I was suffering with back pain, hip pain & mild knee pain that was interfering with my running and dance team activities. Since starting treatment I can complete a full week of daily 3 hour practices with minimal soreness and I can dance a lot better now that I'm not in pain. My experience was a positive one. Dr. Mike is very friendly and when my appointment is over I feel so good (physically)."

Taylor M., Grafton 11/27/2012

"I tried every ointment and patch out there and nothing helped"

"I suffered with severe lower back pain. My pain interfered with all aspects of daily living. This included pain while trying to sleep, pain while sitting in the car, and pain while walking. Basically, everywhere all the time. I would say my pain level was at an eight when I started and it has dropped to between a 2 and 3. This has made a phenomenal difference for me in my daily life. I had tried Chiropractic care many years ago when my lower back pain first started. I was informed that this is a difficult area to treat and the adjustments didn't have an impact on the pain. I stopped going and just dealt with it. Recently, the pain was becoming unbearable.  I tried every ointment and patch out there and nothing helped. I joined a gym in the hopes that regular exercise would solve the problem. I did become more fit but the pain remained. I then went to a Physiatrist since I wanted to solve my pain problem without the use of narcotic pain pills. I was already taking Ibuprofen without much help. The doctor gave me yet another ointment to try and exercises I could do with a ball. Needless to say I was feeling frustrated. I decided to try Chiropractic again and blindly chose Newporte Courte because it was closest to my home. I was somewhat skeptical at first but really had no other options to try. I feel like I finally lucked out and found someone that truly understands lower back pain and was able to make a difference.  I felt that I was taken seriously from the moment I walked in. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Zack to anyone experiencing back issues especially lower back. I'm still amazed that it has made such a difference!"

Laura A., Mequon 05/26/2012

"Running, Running, Running"

"I was suffering with sciatica, hip pain and headaches.  It affected my sleeping, exercising (running), playing with my children, driving in the car, and sitting for long periods of time. I am very happy with all of my treatments because I am sleeping better, have no pain, no headaches and can run 3 miles a day again!! The doctors are very personable and kind it's a happy and peaceful place. LOVE IT! Thanks so much for everything!

Natalie S.,  Glendale 05/30/2012

"Gone Fishing"

"After a severe back spasm in September, I had dealt with lower back pain for 6 months. My symptoms interfered with pretty much any activity. It often prevented me from sleeping, and definitely took me out of my exercise routine.  After 2 treatments, I noticed improvement. After 4 treatments, I noticed significant improvement. I've been able to do mundane, common things like yardwork without pain.  But, even better, I've been able to go fishing and exercise without pain.  I definitely had a positive experience. Dr. Mike is great to work with and the treatments leave me feeling better every time."

Jason R.,  Cedarburg 04/2012

"Age is just a number"

"Newporte Courte Family Chiropractic has helped me be more comfortable over the past few years.  I'm more agile than I ever could be at 87 years of age.  They are very accessible, extremely caring and professional."


"I never had chiropractic care"

"I am so grateful to Dr. Mariah for providing me with relief from nagging mid-back pain resulting from a low-impact car accident a year ago.  I never had chiropractic care before and did not know what to expect, but I received a recommendation from a friend to contact Newporte Courte Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Mariah immediately understood my symptoms and created a plan to address both the spine and muscle conditions causing my discomfort.  She even adapted her approach to get at the specific location in a creative way.  She is an amazing listener and communicated so effectively to put me at ease and help me understand the treatment.  Dr. Mike has also been a great help from getting me started to answering questions along the way.  I am very glad that Newporte Courte was recommended to me, and I would recommend to anyone seeking quality, compassionate care.  In fact...I have!

Laura M., Cedarburg 02/2012

"I was referred to Dr. Mike by my orthopedic doc because of back pain and right leg pain. My back pain made it difficult to walk, impossible to sleep and I could not do anything around the house.  After a few treatments I was able to walk again, I finally got a full night of sleep, and my wife is thrilled that I can complete chores around the house.  I'm 64 years old and this was my first experience with a chiropractor.  I was very impressed with their professionalism and could tell they really cared.  I would not hesitate to come back.  I feel that I finally have my life back."

Steve P., Thiensville 11/10/2011

"Dr. Mike was very thorough with his exam and laid out a complete treatment plan for me.  He spent 45 minutes answering all of my questions."


"I feel the doctors at Newporte Courte Family Chiropractic do more for me than my previous chiropractor.  They took their time and I feel very comfortable with my treatment."


"I left Newporte Courte to see a chiropractor closer to my home.  After a few visits I returned to NCFC because I felt I got better results.  I was welcomed back with open arms."


"Over the last few years Newporte Courte Family Chiropractic has kept me straight.  Dr. Mike & Mariah do a great job showing how the body works and explain what they are doing and how their adjustments are benefiting me.  I truly feel that chiropractic and the wellness program have and will continue to benefit my daily life."


"Before I started going to the chiropractor, I had severe headaches and lower back pain.  My headaches were so severe that I had to be put on medication and had to swallow a pill every night.  During school I often had to suffer through headache pain and aching pains in my back.  Directly following the first time I visited the chiropractors, my pain had reduced.  After about two visits to the chiropractors I was able to be taken off of my medication and I suffered very few headaches.  Also, my back pains have tremendously decreased and my flexibility has increased.  Now, my performance in soccer has improved and I am more naturally healthy thanks to chiropractic practices.  In conclusion, my chiropractic experience has and will continue to be a larger positive impact on my life.  Concentrating in school has become easier and more efficient due to the decrease of pain from the chiropractic practices."


"Everything was explained before, during and after treatments.  I felt different after the first appointment.  What a change!!  NO HEADACHES!!"

Shirley B.

"Yesterday I completed the 8K Fish Run in Port Washington.  Four months ago before I started seeing Dr. Mariah I couldn't even run around my block without pain and discomfort in my hip that persisted not only during my jog but caused me soreness for days afterwards.  I had basically stopped jogging almost a year ago due to the discomfort I was feeling during and after I ran.  I found Dr. Mariah through her advertisement in the mail and thought I would try her office.  My first visit was extensive with history, x-rays, and a test that showed my hotspots off imbalance and discomfort.  I gained a great deal of knowledge about why I was in discomfort along with other areas of my body that needed some healing.  Dr. Mariah's knowledge of the body and caring manner put me at ease immediately and I decided to follow the 3 day regimen of chiropractic visits that was suggested.  I have had chiropractic care before, several times actually, but have always felt the pressure to maintain the acute stage of therapy for 6-8 weeks.  I was released to twice a week after only a little more than 3 weeks and when I was released to once a month after 3 months of care I could not believe it.  I was feeling great.  I could run and obviously have upped my jog around the block to completing 5 miles.  Today after yesterday's 8K my quads are a little sore but I have no soreness in my hip at all!  Oh, and my headaches (I am a migraine sufferer)....I have had one headache in the time I've been a patient of Dr. Mariah and it was totally manageable.  Dr. Mariah also found imbalances in some of my muscle strength and gave me exercises to balance me out which I believe had aided my recovery.  No one has ever done this before and I know I must have had this problem for a long time.  I have really enjoyed and benefited from my experience at Newporte Courte Family Chiropractic and look forward to my monthly visits as I know my body needs the continued adjustments to remain healthy and in balance as I age."

Lorraine B.

"I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was 18 years old.  I have tried many of the prescription drugs available for treating migraines, which have helped take away the pain but none have prevented the migraine.  There would be periods of time where I would have headaches so frequently, I would have to miss work and was unable to go out with family and friends.  I went to my doctor, desperate to find something that would help me.  My doctor suggested different prescriptions, including anti-seizure medicine.  None of it seemed to be working and I was tired of taking so many prescriptions, so I did my own research.  I found several articles on how chiropractic can help people suffering from many different medical problems including migraine headaches, until then I only thought chiropractors treated back problems.  So I made an appointment immediately.  Since then I have found the cause of my migraines and have been able to keep them to a minimum.  I have gone from having several migraines a month to a couple times a year.  When I do get a migraine I call Dr. Mariah right away and with a couple of adjustments it is gone!  I can't tell enough people about how wonderful I think chiropractic is.  I have already referred my 1 year old niece for earaches, and my mom for her lower back pain.  To say chiropractic has changed my life is an understatement.  For over 10 years migraines have ruled my life...not anymore!

Jessica F.

"During my first visit, I was evaluated and told right away by Dr. Mike what the problem was.  He sat me down and we went over the treatment plan to correct the problem.  He started out with three visits per week, then two, and now it's every two weeks.  I have never felt better in my life.

Recently, while getting dressed for work my back went out.  I went to work anyway but I was in such pain that I couldn't walk upright.  I had to get some relief from the awful pain in my lower back.  So, without hesitation, I called Dr. Mariah and she told me to come right in.  Dr. Mariah with her "Magic Touch" zeroed in on the exact location of my pain and within 30 minutes my back pain was gone and I was able to walk out of her office upright.  Thanks Dr. Mariah for helping me to walk upright again!"

Elizabeth B.

"In just a few visits I noticed a dramatic improvement.  I really look forward to my appointments and sigh with relief every time I leave.  I would refer absolutely anyone to Dr. Mike and Dr. Mariah.  If it weren't for the help I receive from them, I probably would not be able to work in my profession much longer.  Thank you so much for helping me, and I know you will continue to do so for others."


"After my 1st adjustment, I felt like a new person! Boy, did I sleep great.  Looking forward to my second visit."

Marie D.

"I used to see a chiropractor while living in Florida. Then I returned to Wisconsin. It has been eight years living here and I was in pretty bad shape. Then I found Drs. Mike & Mariah. Through their expert help I feel like a new woman! My job is very physical and I feel confident that I can continue my work, knowing that chiropractic care is just a phone call away."

Christine L.

"My back pain is relieved a lot more and I am able to actually sleep better now without waking up because of cramps in my back. My neck is able to move without shooting pain throughout my body. I am also getting a lot less headaches then I was before. I used to wake up with headaches but now I'm so relaxed when I get out of bed that I'm energetic and ready to start my day."

Shauntel D.

“When I began having back pain related to a past injury I sought the help of Dr. Mike and Dr. Mariah. Upon my first visits a very thorough exam was done including x-rays. On my next visit, Dr. Mike spent a great deal of time with me explaining my x-ray results and my treatment plan. He was open and honest and allowed me time to ask questions. I have been seeing Dr. Mike for about one and a half months now and have nothing but great things to say. The pain in my back and shoulders is resolved and will continue to see Dr. Mike on a regular basis.”

Michelle T.

“I was consistently having severe headaches everyday, until I saw Dr. Mariah. My headaches lasted all night making me feel nauseous. When I came to Dr. Mariah, I found out I was in Phase One Subluxation. This meant I didn't have the curve in my neck I’m supposed to have. This was creating extra tension in my shoulders and neck causing headaches. As I’ve been getting adjusted, my headaches are becoming less frequent! I’m a believer in chiropractic care!”

Kaila B.

“When I first started my chiropractic treatments I was a full-time teacher. Standing on my feet all day caused pain in my back, shoulders, and neck. After a few adjustments from Dr. Mariah and Dr. Mike I started to feel that my posture had changed (which was especially good for my upcoming wedding!). My pain had lessened too!

Whenever I come in for treatment I pay attention to the way I feel as opposed to how I feel when I leave. Chiropractic treatment helps me to relax and it relieves all the pressure that builds up in my back, neck, and shoulders. Thank you so much Dr. Mariah and Dr. Mike.”

Caitlin A.

“My story is much the same as many others. In 1993 I injured my back and herniated the disc at L5-S1. Surgery, physical therapy, a 6 week pain program still left me with chronic low back and right leg pain. The past 11 years have been a roller coaster of physical limitations and pain, manageable only with restricting my activities. When I was younger I danced, taught aerobics, skied, hiked etc. I truly missed being able to play. About six months ago I decided to begin a mission to reclaim my health, strength, and have movement back in my life. Then in October I had an accidental fall. My back pain again was dictating my life. By January I was feeling pretty discouraged about things when I received a phone call offering a free chiropractic consultation. Having never tried this application before, I signed up and have been going every week ever since. Newporte is a pleasant, professional atmosphere. I have enjoyed getting to know Drs Mariah and Mike. We laugh easily together. It has been an amazing journey so far. My pain is greatly reduced, my flexibility tremendously increased and I am participating in life again. Chiropractic care is enabling me to live a life of wellness, exercise, and fun again.”

Holly R.

"I came to the clinic with pain in my neck, shoulders, right arm,wrist and hand. This was from a work related problem which was causing numbness and swelling in my right hand, At times, I would wake up during the night and my entire right arm and hand would be completely numb. Dr. Mike completed the initial exam and suggested a course of treatment which included adjustments, stimulating the affected area, exercise and massage. Dr. Mariah has been treating me and after nine visits I have experienced complete relief to my right hand, wrist and arm. As I complete treatment over the next week or so, I expect that I will obtain total relief in the other problem areas. My experience at the clinic has been a very positive one. My daughter experienced complete relief of headaches and neck pain following a horseback riding accident. Drs. Mike and Mariah treat their patients in a cery professional manner but at the same time the clinic has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. It's very obvious that they care about their patients and their ultimate goal is to achieve success with their treatment. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone seeking care of this nature."

Robin B.

“I have had pain in the back of my head for some time, and gradually increasing in intensity and length. I could not lay on my back, sleeping only on my sides. I just put up with it, I knew what I had to do to keep the headaches at bay.

However, in January, I developed a head cold, sinusitis or whatever it was. I took antihistamines, decongestants and Excedrin sinus headache. Nothing was stopping them. In February I visited my doctor hoping to find “relief”. She suspected a sinus infection and prescribed a “miracle 5-day antibiotic.” It helped, but it didn't stop the headaches.

One day, this “orangish flyer” was in our mail or paper. Dr. Mariah Goecke, D.C. Why not call? It wasn't getting any better. I called, met with Dr. Mike, tests done. Everything was explained before, during and after the first appointment. The first week —— ONLY ONE HEADACHE!! What a change!! It’s been four weeks now and nothing!! I’ve had some congestion and a little sinus pressure, but NO HEADACHES!! I can actually lay on my back to sleep!"

Shirley B.

" I was suffering with neck pain, headaches, and lower back pain. These symptoms I was feeling was interfering with exercising and driving.  Since I started treatment my headaches have reduced both in amount and severity, I have less neck, shoulder, and back pain overall which makes my long drives for work and exercise much easier! My experience was very positive! I look forward to my monthly adjustment and can always tell when its time. Since starting, I feel so much better overall. In two years, I've stayed very healthy and credit my chiropractor visits as a large part of my overall positive health and wellness."

Cathy P.

"I was suffering with neck pain, headaches, and lower back pain. My symptoms interfered with sleeping, everyday activites, and running. The success I have had since I started getting treatment is really good, my headaches are a lot better and I can run and walk without pain. The first time I came here the doctors made me feel very comfortable and I was not nervous or skeptical to come in at all"

Addie A.

"I get adjusted to maintain wellness, and to help with my migraines. The adjustments help me be able to function everyday and to live a normal life without pain."

Cory T.

“I was suffering from lower back pain which interfered with taking care of my grandchildren. Also I found coming in on a regular basis helps me stay in shape.

I find Mike and Mariah to be professional with a sense of humor, Mike being a Steelers fan needs a sense of humor. When a special need arises I have had no issue getting in for an appointment.”

Carol B.

"I get monthly adjustments to prevent neck pain and so I can stay healthy."

Kelly R.

“When I first came to the office I was suffering from neck pain, and headaches. I was also experiencing whiplash and lower back pain after being in a car accident. My symptoms interfered with sleeping, exercising, and driving. Since receiving treatment I sleep more comfortable with a specialized pillow, along with less pain while driving and exercising. My experience coming here is very positive! They have a flexible schedule, also a comfortable office/atmosphere, and both doctors are friendly and quick.”

Sarah H.